RIP Alaia

The heaven-sent designer  & artist Azzedine Alaia was called back to heaven today 

Alaia's intricate detailing encapsulated the artistry in tailoring 

There will forever be a void as no one can replicate his sheer talent and legendary work

But his pieces will forever be cherished, admired, and fawned over in their own right

Alaia's work embodied, celebrated, and flaunted the female form in the most iconic way

Alaia's pieces simultaneously epitomized women- strength and curvaceous femininity

RIP to the "King of Cling"

Poplin Feels

With this ongoing heatwave the only thing I wanna be feelin' are light cool fabrics

Poplins, sheers & stripes are a hit with hints of nostalgia
Moodboard heat...

One Can Never Prep Too Soon Or Too Much

As a guest to any event the pressure is on to dress for the occasion, tradition, weather and look picture ready.... 

After all you just know these pictures are going to surpass your yearbook years and live on, on your friend's mantles and coffee tables as "the best day of their lives" so you need to look your best!

Take into consideration.... -Outdoors/indoors -Season -Comfort  -Role in ceremony & reception - Your date

Keep your heels from sinking in the ground and maintain a firmer gravitational stance when busting your best moves with a thicker heel

Whether your bending down to pick up the flower girl for the thousandth time, or planning to dive for the bouquet- a midi length dress is conservative and appropriate for such an event
the longer lean silhouette will also create curvaceous appeal in a tasteful way

Take the tip in context from the ever-posh Princess Kate at  her sister's wedding as a mother and "mother goose" of children that day for the ceremony there…

A day to be wed.... or in my case several ways to be wed

With wedding season in full swing.. (let's face it the next 5 years for those in their twenties is 'wedding season') 
I felt inspired to do what I do best theoretically plan several  scenarios that are not happening in my real world...
Your personality, your soon-to-be's personality, your vibe together, the location, the climate, your mother.... all things to be taken into account when planning what some deem the most important day in your life

There is much to consider when starting from the beginning or anywhere in between and as a twenty-something's girl's girl I have seen most chill, to the most dramatic diva moments

When planning a full day of celebration we take into account our dreams, tradition and our dearest friends family

What we don't consider is the unexpected rain, the unpredictably late caterer, flower girl throwing flowers like the shot-put and a lost best man from last nights drunken escapades.

What we can plan for we should do to utmost detaile…