Monday, April 03, 2017

Spring & Slumber

Spring Things

With spring comes, fresh air and with a fresh air the motivation for a fresh start

Swing those doors open and pull the curtains back, and let the sun rays in

I always like adding a little extra life back into my home when the cold season has ended 

Plants clean the air & provide comfort 

If you are short on space or want to get crafty- build your planters vertically and create a "green wall"
You're guest will feel the zen the moment they walk in

Add a little zest to all your rooms.
Color and brightness add vitality

Make a lemon centerpiece 
and incorporate a floral display

By adding a little plant here and there you can also add them to your dishes and kick up your adulting game to a whole new level

From the kitchen to the living room, open doors, and fresh plants will wake your place up.... but the bedroom deserves a breath of fresh air too

Breathe easy... 
Your new heaven-sent mattress, is here:
(cue the Hallelujah chorus)


"Three layers of high quality foam deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep, night after night."

Leesa’s soft but supportive foam mattress has better cooling, edge support, and a nicer cover than the competition, for a fair price. The return window is 100 days when buying direct but 30 days via Amazon.

Plants not only had cleansing vibes to your living room, but can also have a calming affect in the bedroom 
Drift off into your slumber of wonderment 
on a Leesa 
surrounded by plants to make you feel like you're in a luxe resort in Bali

Spring Freshness

spring fever

Leesa  was started with a simple goal in mind: to help people sleep better.

Expertly crafted to create a luxury feel and look that appeals to every body.

Exclusively online. Ships free, compressed in a box. Try it for 100-nights, risk free.

Best luxury mattress you can buy under $1,000

One mattress donated for every ten sold.


Springtime Fresh

Friday, January 27, 2017

Let's Ride


When it comes to saddling up in western trends Texas is king, and its kingdom, KING RANCH SADDLE SHOP 

From luggage to hunting gear to apparel this shop's genuine craftsmanship is the real deal

The cowboy boot has stood through time as a long-living closet staple 


If there's one thing I stand for in trends and fashion, its authenticity Any selection from this boot collection will make you feel like a born and raised Texan





A cowboy...on every girl's list their love-life's fate...riding off into the sunset with a gent, his kind southern drawl and badass wardrobe "to boot"

                                                                   SNAKE BOOT (MENS)


Durability and perfecting tanning of the leather keeps collections at the head of their element  

With not only intense aesthetic appeal but the ability to withstand the life of a cow boy there isn't any reason you should look elsewhere 
Double H Work Boot

My mother taught me well and long ago that a moccasin is a must-have and once you have one pair you will never stop wanting more 
                                                                 Python Driving Mocs


Coordinate them with a matching belt ...



"The hands have changed, but the techniques, craftsmanship, skill, and pride are all the same timeless quality that King Ranch has been long known for."