Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Event Planning Project

We had to pitch an event of our own with our personal perferences here was mine:)

Personal Event Pitch: 20th Birthday

Since I was 7, I have wanted a cocktail party with classical music softly playing generating a timeless evening. A twentieth birthday with a slight sense of nostalgia, for me will take place in Greenwich Village at a quaint restaurant, Sweetie Pie. Lavished in drapery, pink cushions, and intricate chandeliers, this location is the perfect fit for my taste. I plan to alter the restaurant to make it more sophisticated and fitting for my occasion. Dimmed lighting a string quartet and pianist will accompany the guests for memorable affair. I love this theme and love crafts so I will make the décor pieces for the surrounding area, consisting of different inspirations that contributed toward the theme for the party.

The era of the 60’s greatly inspires me day to day, thus I will make this location and environment more personal to me by adding touches of 60’s reminiscence.

Cocktail attire and black ties are required. Waiters serving guests, simple ouerderves, drinks, and desserts are intended to enhance but not overpower the experience. Saving money and eliminating any cause for concern, liquor will not be served at the party. A birthday cake will be made by the restaurant, as well as their catered food previously mentioned. A suitable time for this celebration judging from the menu is 8:00pm. This gives guests an opportunity to eat dinner, get off work, and finish their day’s work while leaving time for a possible after party somewhere. March 11th is my birth date which falls on a Thursday this year; consequently I will host the party on the 12th. Photographs capture memories; and are one of my favorite parts of events; therefore I will have a photographer, taking both candid and posed photographs throughout the night.

Due to the location and atmosphere provided, an RSVP will be necessary via phone call or e-mail as stated on the invitations. The invitations will keep in sync with the theme and have a string pearls draped on a ribbon. Also need for the RSVP count will allow me to bestow the guests with a parting gift of classic candies from Dylan’s Candy Bar, placed in Lilly Pulitzer cocktail shakers. I want to revive with a modern twist the ultra-elegance of a cocktail party, but making it fun with candy and desserts.

A preliminary rough budget I would start out with for this event of approximately 40 people will be $12,000 rounding up, taking into account payment of people employed these hours, the renting of the space/fixed costs, the gift bags, food, and taxes.

Must-haves for the festivities are live classical music, the location (at the restaurant), and the photographer. Other factors I have listed for my party can be negotiated somewhat. The music is a must because I love the atmosphere it creates and it is one of the factors I have wanted for the longest. The music sets the mood and I believe through the genre and choice for live accompaniment this goal can be met. When I found this location about a month ago, I fell in love with the ambiance it exuded with such prestige. The prestige feel however is not dulled thanks in part to the use of pink and chic décor. Photographs are a favorite pastime of mine; they evoke memories that can be forgotten otherwise. Each photo has a story behind it, and with that one can have an event live on for years through the memories and pictures.

Hopefully through a well-thought out strategic plan this event can occur smoothly and happily. This event should mark and capture the essence of a classic cocktail party and leave a lasting impression on my guests.

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