Saturday, September 26, 2009

School projects

In my event planning class the assignment was to create an event and explain how we would get press and media for it here's mine:)...I wish I could make this happen

Lilly Pulitzer Gala 50 years of Celebration

This event is to honor the luxury brand for being in business for 50 years. Lilly Pulitzer introduced a Jubilee line for a celebration of 50 years and now a gala will celebrate and honor the person Lilly Pulitzer, the brand, and all those who bring it to life. This company originated from a socialite running a juice stand in Palm Beach having her seamstress make her dresses so you could not see juice stains; soon everyone wanted a dress instead of the juice. Lilly Pulitzer is known for the shift dress and brightly printed preppy looks. Women, children and men shop the brand for family matching ensembles. This gala will represent the brand and personality, fun, prestigious, and wholesome.
The space will have “juice stands” instead of bars, making Palm Beach themed drinks. Food will be served on circular tables, around infamous pictures of the original women in Lilly; prints will also be displayed throughout. Rat Pack music will be heard, with a live singer as well. Guests will include Lilly Pulitzer employees from the flagship store, and the central stores, inviting any other employees who would want to come to Palm Beach for the celebration. Respected clientele are to receive an invitation. The design team, management teams, CEO, Lilly herself and family will also attend. For the 50th year anniversary celebrities took part in “A Colorful Cause,” designing pieces for the brand to sell with percentages going to children suffering with a rare skin disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa. The celebrities will also be invited. This event is meant to remain exclusive however attain a welcoming spirit.
The gala will occur on October 10, at Palm Beach, bringing the brand together and back to its roots. In October 1959 the legendary Lilly Pulitzer embarked upon her entrepreneurial journey. A beach setting would be ideal, also creating many opportunities for another generation of Lilly pictures. The press and media will drive more interest in the brand, revitalize its name, introduce it to younger generations, and generate more clientele. Also, above all this celebration is for the successful 50 years Lilly Pulitzer the brand has seen. To reach out to press and media, the company will work with presently established companies with Lilly and also reach out to others to widen the variety it reaches by making arrangements to meet with companies that work with parallel statuses of Lilly Pulitzer. The brand has parties often at their stores evoking sales and networking between people. One particular party the store has is for bloggers that are true loyal customers and live the lifestyle which Lilly entails. Through online networking such as Facebook, and Twitter Lilly Pulitzer markets itself bring awareness of upcoming events. Lilly Pulitzer is often featured in high-end magazines such as Vogue, therefore through their cooperation they will feature the event in their magazines, leading up to the event date in addition to covering the event at Palm Beach. The location on a beach or near water will create the essence fitting for Palm beach-like apparel the Lilly Pulitzer carries. Therefore photo-opts will be ubiquitously at the celebration.
The sophisticated-casual, fun atmosphere will not designate the press to a certain area, mingling is always encouraged. Therefore the media is invited as our guests. However, if the press needs an area to put belongings, and set-up equipment there will be a specified area strictly for such. This area will also contain press-kits for everyone set to attend for coverage purposes. Within the kit will be biographies on Lilly herself, the CEO, how the brand operates, and statistics. Live-coverage or taping can also be done for Fashion networks on television and to be played at the stores, documenting a milestone. Through this celebratory event the company will be able to generate more clientele, revitalize the origin of the brand, and heighten the exposure of the luxury line.

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