Thursday, October 22, 2009

Event Planning class

So the assignment in my event planning class was to plan a 21st birthday.  3 girls in the class acted as the clients while three groups created agencies working up pitches to present to the clients for them to pick the best.  My group did a Black and White theme at the Hampton's.  Certain preferences were provided while there was still room to use creativity we made alternative options availale too.  My part in my group was food and beverages:
21st Birthday


Prices are rounded up

Food and Beverages

21st Birthday in the Hamptons


A black cow is an ice cream soda made with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and for the proper black and white mix. Add any of several dark sodas, like root beer, chocolate, cola

sushi rolls with nori (seaweed paper) wrapped around outside and cucumber inside the rice

dark and white chocolate fountain with pineapple or white cake squares

cream cheese spreads with cracked pepper

Fudge dark or white chocolate


Option1: fun

3 tiered cake with indiv. Names ex of diff flavor layers Coconut and chocolate marbled

Chic Sugars- Bakery- needs 3 week notice

Cake taste testing $35

Delivery fee $75

Cost will approximate $950

Dietary Considerations

Option 2

Cake Studio- elegant and sophisticated

Perhaps pearls or flowers on the cake

Individual cakes are also available

Cake will also average out to be 950

Also need 3 week notice

Delivery available for 70

Tastings are 40 for 3 of you

Blavod (Black Vodka)

black russian, which is vodka and Kahlua price for Balavod- aprox. $24 for 750 ml (aprox 25 shots)

price for Kaluha- $27

Naked Cosmo. with

White Cranberry juice price for vodka-Absolut Citron 1L $40

Price for juice- $6

Price for triple sec-750 ml $20

• 5.0 cl Vodka Citron

• 1.5 cl Cointreau

• 1.5 cl Fresh Lime juice

• 3.0 cl Cranberry juice

White Chocolate Martini

1½oz. Three Olives Chocolate OR Vanilla infused Vodka

1oz. Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

½oz. light cream. Prices-

Prce for vanilla infused vodka- Absolut 750 ml $25

Price for white chocolate liqueur- 750 ml Godiva brand $30

Price for light cream- 1pint $5

Price for three olives chocolate- 1L $26

white Russian- which turns cream made with vodka,

kaluha and cream/milk


Blavod- A black vodka distilled from molasses and colored with a tannin-rich Southern Asian herb called catechu which does not affect the flavor, but is claimed to make the taste smoother.

# of Bartenders- charge normally aprox. $20 an hour

A pound of ice for every person (cocktail ice)

Three plastic glasses per person (9 or 10 oz only)

Resources and help from

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