Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feels like home

As I said earlier I went home this weekend to MD for my mother's birthday :) We even had time to fit in a shopping break and snack at Panera bread, I have come to miss this restaurant as it has a "comfy" vibe and there are none in the city.  In high school I would come here twice a week with friends to gossip, and even fit in some studying.
Some of my favorites are the pineapple upside down cake, the frontega panini, their iced green tea and the cinnomon crunch bagel. :)

YEP i even did a case study on it for my management class:

Panera’s competitive advantages are specializing in a particular category of the food service industry. Panera’s foods such as soups sandwiches, salads and pastries all revolve around the main source powering Panera’s success, the bread. Bread at Panera is made daily from the dough manufactured off-site at a company plant assuring the business their bread dough is all the same. Therefore a loyal Panera customer can go to any Panera location and expect the same quality bread. The company keeps up with current trends among health issues and fads. The public can depend on Panera’s constant attention to their food selection, such as offering low-carbohydrate or organic meals. The trans-fats were removed from the Panera menu as well. To keep up with the daily rush people go through to get to work or any destination, Panera offers a speed-line to get their coffee faster than people waiting for actual meals. Also keeping in tune with busy, technology driven people, the restaurant offers wireless fidelity (wifi) for internet usage.

Since, the company specializes in bread products and complimentary goods the research conducted to keep up with health trends can be maintained and advanced. The dependence Panera gains from customers with freshly-made bread will last because it ensures freshness which is always a quality desire.


  1. Panera bread... amazing!! Love that place. We has one in Iowa and it was one Hope you had a nice time with your mom!! :-)

  2. LOVE Panera Bread...we have one in Fayetteville and it is amazing. You can't beat their coffee and bagels first thing in the morning!