Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Field Trip! Bernie of New York

Yesterday for one of my classes we went to Bernie of New York.  It was fabulous!  She has beautiful creations.  She used to be a model and one day decided to marry the love of her life, stop modeling and create this successful line.  She specializes in scarves, shawls and coverups.  A man in London designs gorgeous tiaras and jewlery for her company as well, and I love a good tiara! (I don't know for where, but they are still pretty).  She had rich colors on organza, laces, silks, and tulle.  The styles are so versatile, one item can me a shawl with sleeves, a scarf, a wrap, tied on the waist or draped over the head.  She distributes to big department stores, like Nordstroms and Lord and Taylor, and specialty stores.  She was kind enough to give each student in the group a scarf.  There was a Lilly-esque one I really wanted but of course it got snatched up.  I like the one I got and I experimented with what I can put it with :)

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