Thursday, October 08, 2009

J. Crew

I work across from the J. Crew collection store on Madison, it is always busy and does acceptionally well, and they don't even have a sign out front, everyone just knows! 

J CREW by bigla11 featuring J Crew

1947: Popular Merchandise, Inc. is founded by Mitchell Cinader and Saul Charles to sell low-priced women's clothing through in-home demonstrations. 
1989: Company changes its name to J. Crew Group, Inc. The first J. Crew retail outlet opens; deal to sell Popular Club Plan falls through.

Its retail stores include 127 units in the United States, 45 of which are factory outlets, and 76 locations in Japan, which are operated under license by ITOCHU Corporation. J. Crew Group was owned by the Cinader family for most of its existence, but in October 1997 investment firm Texas Pacific Group Inc. purchased a majority stake in the firm.

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