Sunday, November 15, 2009


The Valentino Sample Sale was kind of a slow one but fun at the same time. Gave me more time to look through the pieces of art! Exquisite does not begin to describe some of these. The gowns were so detailed with beading and sequins and stitching. The suit would make me want to go to work just so I could put it on :)

I am more than appreciative that they let me have a pair of shoes. This was not wise to give me no guidelines as to which I could choose…I debated for a while should I go with a sensible flat? Or a heel? Or something completely extravagant. I met all three with the signature heel with a bow, in hot pink. Nope I don’t know where I am wearing them or how or when, because I will fall more than definitely in the city. It’s happened….. More than once….

                                                                             I want to wear them with my Allegra cocktail dress


  1. I love the heels with the bow! :-)

  2. Those shoes are fabulous! Good choice my dear, good choice! : )