Friday, December 11, 2009

Reel in your Style

Style Caster is an online and a faster moving pace of a magazine, getting news to you promptly and catering to what you want.  It is a fascinating concept.  I took a field trip last month to the headquarters and met the CEO Ari Goldberg, a young entrepreneur, very admirable.  " I want to do to fashion what myspace did to music."  This site is the only one in existance that shows outfits 360 degress around.  Then the site works with retailers linking their site to items you see on the site, so one can see a top for example ont he site that they adore and go directly to buy it, how convenient! 
By the way how much do you love this jacket?!

  The site went  live 5 months ago, and is growing rapidly, all fashion students have taken a liking to it, and frankly have become obsessed.  He is democratizing fashion, and sees the future  for how demanding the audience will become, wanting information immediately, Style Caster now,  offers just that.

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