Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In my lecture class, where people from the industry come and speak we had the honor of hearing from Mr. Simon Doonan.  He works visually for the Barney's company.  He too graduated school during a recession and begged for jobs with no expectations, which my generation seems to lack.  He is admirable in so many ways, in one he started at Sales at a low-end department store in London, then moved to enrty level work with window displays.  Someone passed by one day and complimented Simons work, he invited Simon to work for him in L.A.  Taking a chance, Simon moved out to L.A unsure of where it even was at the time.  He gradually met people through connections and networking working his way up.  He loves the dynamics of working in a retail setting because it is always changing.  He said something that not many people do, and that was to not strive to over-achieve.  It seems that now people feel like if they are not an icon by the time they are 20 in this industry then they failed.  However he stressed the fact to live life to the fullest each day and just have fun and your career through time and living will come.

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