Saturday, March 06, 2010


One thing I have made time to do ...considering we mostly go to the midnight showings is go to the movies.  I am taking a film class this semester and it is really a favorite class of mine, you change the whole way you watch films... the past  couple of months I have seen for the first time..

In theatres
New Moon- Opening show-Obsessed, the packed seats, remained silent throughout the story besides the random cheering for the male characters bodies, the movie was an interesting, romantacism of vampires, and werewolves
Up in the Air- George clooney brought an impossible likeable quality to a man who fires people for aliving and spends most of his time up in the air.  He looks for the good parts in what he does everyday that of which most people would dread

The Fourth kind- a thrilling disturbing movie, that makes you wonder if there is something else out there.  Something we repress. Scared.
The Lovely Bones- Beautifully, refreshingly, artistically directed.  An experience in itself, the sad story and fight for family members is riveting.
Dear John- I wanted this one to be longer.  Nicholas Sparks doesn't just write love stories.  The movie didn't do the book justice, and I rarely say that.  There was not enough background on the characters, reasoning, or plot.  Although still a great movie, the characters did a beautiful job with what they had to work with, but at the same time I feel like I walked out of the theater in the middle of the movie and came back, like a I missed a huge piece.

Shutter Island-Opening night- An incredible movie and great take on points of view.  A bit like a Beautiful Mind, if you see both you will know what I mean.  Leonardo takes his character to an ourstanding level.
Legion- If you watch from a religious point of view, the movie is chilling and could be accurate.  However my friends all watched it from the surface and merely saw the actions as funny. 

Avatar- 3D IMAX- Appreciation, nature and preserving everything the movie takes an interesting side of persepctives, and is way more believable than I thought it would be.

Alice in Wonderland-Opening Night- 3D IMAX- Graphics were incredible, Johnny Depp brought is character of color to life.  The jam packed theatre didn't bidge for the enitrety of the movie.  It kept the audience engaged throughout the whole experience.

In Class we have watched ...and I recommend all...
Run Lola Run..(foregin film)
Broke back Mountain
On The Waterfronr
A Simple Plan

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