Monday, April 29, 2013


Miuccia Prada

As Summer Robert's in the tv show The OC says "Miuccia Prada combines styles from time periods in a way that people never even imagined possible...Her clothes teach you to change your perspective.”

Prada discusses  our society’s dilemma and contradicting obsession with  “fast fashion” and its poor labor manufacturing practices.  In order to produce clothing so quickly in bulk quantities it takes its toll on the quality.  “...Fashion embraces everything that is happening, everything in society and vice versa.

Fashion is an art form.  If we as a society express our love for abundant amounts  and fast what does that say about the quality of society and priorities?

“How can you sell clothes at that price?” Simply, it’s the cost. If you pay people to do everything with the right system, things are expensive. And the same people that criticize the [dangerous production environments], when it comes to cost they like the inexpensive pieces because they think it’s more democratic. This is an example of hypocrisy."

Prada said: "It’s part of what can’t exist anymore. It’s part of that old way of being a woman but still meaning so much. My generation, we come from 2,000 years when eating meat, wearing fur, was normal. Now, you can’t eat meat, you can’t wear fur, which I understand. I prefer to do politics [differently] than writing “no fur” on the T-shirt. I always thought it was too easy. This is my way of provoking. It’s part of a larger discussion, but now we’re getting into something complicated."

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