Sunday, October 13, 2013

Suit-up to turn heads

Seductive Suiting alternatives for the office...dinner...or a night out..

As menswear influences sweep into womenswear for this Fall... it's up to us to interpret and make it our own...

My Style..
No one can deny the magic the little black dress holds, or simple details like collars or lapels 

You can mix up your daily look by pairing the simple pieces with a novelty belt, or accessorize with open cardi's or sheer overlays to make your look stand-out among the rest

A v-neckline allows femininity to shine through and typically is a flattering neckline for most builds

I love adding my own details of personal style such as a head-scarf, a bow around the neck, and a subtle brooch

Lwren Scott FW09-10

For some worried that suiting can come across as plain or too masculine I always love to add a touch of ruffles or lace

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 #pfw #streetstyle
 Street-Style-Paris-Fashion week

whenever possible..
creating a femme-lavish appeal...

Mix them up!
Add pops of color or mixed patterns...

Don't go overboard but utilize accents to make your statement unique 

A fitted/tailored suit with swanky touches will save you from the frump-phenomenon and keep you looking refined...

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