Monday, February 03, 2014

The "Donning" Of A New Age

I've always had a passion for ruffles and and bows

via: achadosdaliedaqui. - Imgend

But these aren't just for little girls

These aren't just the pieces worn by our 'serious-faced' ancestors in portraits

It's regal



A nostalgic feel withy the ritz of a royal

Bows around neck era

Bows in hair

Bows on dresses in back with bustle

Ruffles around neck line


If there's one guy that comes to mind that does ruffles right is my main man Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren at New York Fashion Week Fall 2009


His proper chic all-American style gives class to every generation

The "couture bow"... I remember it well from my interning days at Valentino...
they have perfected sheer elegance

The importance is to not overdo it and carried away as these details can be overwhelming if taken to far... Let them speak for themselves and go simple chic for the rest of your attire

A nice blazer is a great masculine touch to a the ultra-femme ruffles and bows...

... It finishes the look and a clean line...

Ralph Lauren Blazer and ruffle long sleeve shirt

J.Crew necklace
American Apparal sash 

Layered Pearls- J.Crew
Ralph Lauren Blouse
Vintage jacket


Ruffles around the neckline and face ... Keep the make up and necklaces simple if 
wearing any...

Big earrings can take away from the neckline ruffle and make your neck look shorter with too many details drawing in from the earrings and up from the neckline ruffle

A little bit goes a long way ...

Even a touch of a bow or ruffle will make you want to politely curtsy to every gent you meet...


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