Thursday, February 12, 2015

Saved By The 90's

With the hilarious and memory-invoking skit the cast from Saved by the Bell and Jimmy Fallon, we are forced to recall the fashion, faux-pas or not.

While we may or may not have realized the extent of the script's "cheesiness" 

We can't help but be "SO EXCITED" and "SO SCARED" about these 90's pieces....

Yes many of these trends of come back in a big way reviving my personal life-goal look like Kelly Kapowski

Saved By The Bell
Jesse Spano Inspired

H&M top
$31 -

Uniqlo long sleeve crop top
$46 -

Madewell denim shirt

River Island top
$49 -

90's crop top

Orange top

A L C crew neck crop top

Forever New floral print shirt
$7.71 -

River Island bralette crop top
$31 -

Kelly Kapwoski inspired floral pants

Karen Millen skinny jeans

Gardeur jeans
$76 -

Phase Eight skinny jeans
$84 -

Paige Denim skinny jeans


...And if someone has something to say about your nostalgic wardrobe...

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