Monday, August 15, 2016

Road Trippin'

 A Roadtrip is an adventure, it's an experience, a journey and can be a life-changing getaway 

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Be honest most of us have been dreaming of the ultimate roadtrip for years...

The music you have along the way can make all the differences

I took a trek in my car from Florida to MD and the music saved me during the monotonous flat road hours

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For me, I cannot go a day without music

I cannot leave my apartment without my ipod's plethora of genre jams

As part of the millennial tribe... #vanlife is a way of life, on a continuous adventure

There are phases of your trip, sunrises, sunsets, after-hours into the night 
Take that into account for your playlist
I cannot tell a lie, I deeply wish I was around during the 70's and lived the life of the "Dazed and Confused" "...alright, alright, alright"
That doesn't ever stop me from blaring and air-guitaring to these killers

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Obviously I don't know what era I'm from because my go-to list consists of hits my parents and grandparents remember twisting to...

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As a peer-to-peer car rental company, Turo truly holds dear those kinds of personal experiences as they strive to be a major part of the sharing economy.

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It never, EVER hurts to kick it old-school
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'Cause knowing every word of every song gives you that extra unneeded confidence to "take the stage" and own it

While I am on this truth kick I will tell you I listen to most of this playlist daily, my friends often ask if I have my 90's playlist on....NOPE my regular playlists on shuffle consisting of the 90's through and through

....'Cause the original NOW CD holds a special place in my heart

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Now, I am not totally disconnected from this era... I do have a favorite songs that I listen to everyday, that get me through every day

The magic about songs is that they can take part in memorable moments, spark conversation, and thoughts that make your road trip all the more....

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