Sunday, September 11, 2016

90's Rage on....90's Fest

The Gates to the Era of Heavenly music, fashion and when a can of soda was 50 cents

Pre-Game Jam


A "Legends of the Hidden Temple" Throw Back

From my accordion head band, to my oversize Nautica button up I effortlessly got ready as I never left the 90's

That back pack was my absolute obsession from when I was 6

("Well at least I wouldn't skin a collie to make my back pack."- Dionne #Clueless)

 PS... I was mid-Voguing in the photo on the right


 The best kinda reminder

Baywatch reminiscence anyone?!

These girls actually teach 90's workouts, check them out here

I had the time of my life


'Cause when my jam comes on, I don't care who's around


I almost lost my mind, I have dreamt of seeing them since the tender age of 6



Pauly Shore from the classic MTV days when MTV actually played music killed the host game while chatting with a founder of the 90's Fest event

Um, I'd be lying if I said Mark wasn't my line up of 90's crushes from Carson Daily to Luke Perry Mark McGrath's smooth flow was everything



 Now while 90's trends are back in full swing, 90's fest raged on in the best nostalgic moments from fashion to jams


Wild patterns and slouchy silhouettes were a reminder that "90's cool" was hella comfortable

 Scrunchies, flannels and overalls covered crowds are the best kind of crowds

The girl completely killed the "Clarrisa Explains It All" Vibe

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