A day to be wed.... or in my case several ways to be wed

With wedding season in full swing.. (let's face it the next 5 years for those in their twenties is 'wedding season') 

I felt inspired to do what I do best theoretically plan several
 scenarios that are not happening in my real world...

Your personality, your soon-to-be's personality, your vibe together, the location, the climate, your mother.... all things to be taken into account when planning what some deem the most important day in your life

There is much to consider when starting from the beginning or anywhere in between and as a twenty-something's girl's girl I have seen most chill, to the most dramatic diva moments

When planning a full day of celebration we take into account our dreams, tradition and our dearest friends family

What we don't consider is the unexpected rain, the unpredictably late caterer, flower girl throwing flowers like the shot-put and a lost best man from last nights drunken escapades.

What we can plan for we should do to utmost detailed way possible so that when we do run into those long forgotten family members who make a surprise re-entrance into our lives on the day of our wedding we know everything else is going off without a "hitch"

I am a girl of tradition and formality... so my dream day would go something like this... 


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One of my all time favorite photographers is:
Image result for christian oth

 .... and if by the grace of God I have to do this day a few more times they might go something like this...

(Haven't you heard... Marry once for love, once for money, and once for fun...)

Setting the mood... or in my case many moods... 

wedding day

As for the gents... check out 

Hermosa decoración para boda!

mood board

mood board

Chiffon elegant wedding dress,sexy long sleeves and flirty peek-a-boo back wedding dress

mood board

Familiarize yourself with elements of fine suiting such as:




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isually Similar Results

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